Frosch Oase for a feel-good home

Frosch Oase room fragrances

Frosch Oase for a feel-good home

Aroma and scents have a certain influence on our well-being. For centuries aromatherapy makes use of this ancient knowledge. Frosch Oase room fragrances are based on this knowledge and ensure a true feel-good atmosphere at home. Every room freshener is composed of carefully chosen fragrances that are based on natural oils. The classic, cosmetic-pure, up to fruity-fresh aroma of Frosch Oase turn your home into a true feel-good home.

Mix & Match

Whether it is redecorating your home or it is choosing the right outfit - trying out, mixing, shifting, varieing - the mix & match-style brings individuality, fun and variety in our daily routine. This is the idea of the new concept of our Frosch Oase room fragrances. The new flacon in modern, puristic design convinces with a slight, harmonically round shape, made of thick glass and a white, tarnished surface. The different designs with delicate plant- and flower-prints match into every ambience. In combination with the refill-sachets, that are available seperately, you can mix every design with every fragrance.
Are you in the mood for another style? You could also use the flacon as a flower vase There are no limits to your creativity.

Cradle to Cradle®
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